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Chemistry Panel of SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh

SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh offers Chemistry for  SPM and STPM. The school library and laboratories are adequately equipped to provide students all the necessary materials and resources. The teaching staff of 4 chemistry teachers are experienced and totally dedicated to ensure the success of  students taking chemistry. Our results in the past for SPM and STPM exams have always been more than 97% passes. A conducive teaching and learning environment ,excellent guidance from the Pengetua and support from administrative staff are further assurances that the high quality of teaching and learning will continue.




Hjh Umaimah bt Harith

[Guru Cemerlang Kimia]

Ketua Panitia Kimia


En Paramasivam



Pn Zauyah bt Alang Ahmad

Pn Zuriani bt Yaacob

[Lab Assistant]




Webmaster: En T J Pereira

Pn Noor Akhma bt Abd Razak

[Lab Assistant]













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