Form 4
     Home Chap 1 Intro to Chem Chap 2 The Struc of the Atom Chap 3 Chem For. and Eqn Chap 4 Periodic Table Chap 5 Chemical Bonds Chap 6 Electrochemistry Chap 7 Acids and Bases Chap 8 Salts Chap 9 Manu Subs in Indus.     

Chap 1 Intro to Chem
Chap 2 The Struc of the Atom
Chap 3 Chem For. and Eqn
Chap 4 Periodic Table
Chap 5 Chemical Bonds
Chap 6 Electrochemistry
Chap 7 Acids and Bases
Chap 8 Salts
Chap 9 Manu Subs in Indus.

Form 4 Chemistry


Students start the chemistry course with a lots of enthusiasm. After about 4 months the chemistry content begins to get challenging and interest wanes. We have the following advice for students


  1. Read, read, read, read the textbook and practical textbook that are provided. Memorise the content in the nine chapters accurately. Make notes about facts that do not appear in the textbook to supplement it. However the amount of notes that you compile will not be asked in the SPM exam.

  2. Answer all the questions in the textbook accurately and record them according to the chapters in separate exercise books. Doing extra questions according to topics from past year papers and model papers is necessary. Practice in answering essay questions should start from the second chapter and the questions are provided in this website.

  3. Practical work will be continuously assessed. Attention must be  given to reports as they will be collected and graded.

  4. Learn chemical formulae of substances and equations of reactions when you come across them in your lessons. Memorise them and record them.

  5. When you cannot understand the lesson taught, clarify it with your teacher immediately. If the problem is still not solved, see the head of the chemistry panel, Mr. T.J Pereira who will act on it.

  6. Exams are assessments of your progress and a consistent score of above 70% in your exams means that you are on track to obtain excellent results in SPM .

  7. If you have any problems in any of the chapters  use the feedback form and it will be emailed to Mr T J Pereira.  Please state your name and class so that the teacher can contact you in school.

There are nine chapters to be covered in form 4 The chapters are star rated[1*  to 5*] as a gauge to its difficulty. 1* being the easiest. The number of periods required to cover the chapters are also indicated. The abbreviations used are as follows P - page, TB -Textbook, PB - Practical Book, Act - Activity, Exp - experiment.