Form 5
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Chap 1 Rate of Rxn
Chap 2 Carbon Compds
Chap 3 REDOX
Chap 4 Thermochemistry
Chap 5 Chem for Consu.

Form 5 Chemistry comprises of  five chapters only.

Students are advised to use only the textbook and practical book as their main reference.

It is not advisable to use reference/revision series. All the answers for the SPM chemistry exam will be from the textbook and practical book.

From the month of March, two essays question must be done per week. The questions must be from the current form 5 chapter which is being taught as well as form 4 chapters. Each essay question carries 20 marks in the SPM exam.

 The chapters are star rated[1*  to 5*] as a gauge to its difficulty. 1* being the easiest. The number of periods required to cover the chapters are also indicated. The abbreviations used are as follows P - page, TB -Textbook, PB - Practical Book, Act - Activity, Exp - experiment,LW- labwork.