Chap 1 Rate of Rxn
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Chapter 1

Rate of reaction

[20 periods]

bulletTwo important formulae average rate [P3,TB] and rate of reaction at a given time [P4,TB] must be clearly understood.


bulletThese values must be calculated from graphs which will appear in [LW1.2 p 4 PB].



bulletRates of reaction are affected by 5 factors[p9,TB] and the related experiments are  [Exp 1.1,p6-8, Exp1.2 p10-12, Exp 1.3 p13-14, Exp 1.4 p15-16, PB] .


bulletCollision theory model explains the rate of reaction at the particulate state[p20-24,TB].


bulletCollision theory is further used to explain the factors that rate of reaction.


bulletEnergy Profile diagrams must be drawn accurately with the correct labels[p21,TB].


bulletThis chapter deals with graphs and students are require to plot graphs based on experimental results and to determine the rate from the gradient of the graph.


bulletWhen the factors that influence rates are considered, take note that the gradient of the graphs also change.


bulletWhere the curve ends i.e the height of the curve from the x- axis represents the amount of products/ reactants that are used.


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