Chap 3 REDOX
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Chapter 3

Oxidation Reduction

[28 periods]

 A very challenging chapter.


bulletStart by understanding the definitions of oxidation and reduction, [p104 wrt Oxygen and hydrogen, p106 wrt to loss and gain of electrons, p110 wrt to oxidation numbers TB]


bulletUnderstand and learn to apply the rules to determine oxidation numbers [p107 TB].


bulletApply the same rules to determine whether a reaction is a REDOX type reaction.


bulletJust as in chapter 2, there is useful information in all the pages of this chapter.


bulletThe main aim of the labwork that appear in the PB is to draw your attention to the oxidation and reduction process.


bulletSuch as [transistion metal ions LW3.2 p 71; Displacement of metals LW3.3 p73; Displacement of  halogens LW 3.4 p75; transfer of electrons LW 3.5,p77; Exp 3.1 Rusting,LW 3.6 reactivity of metals with oxygen p85; LW 3.7 Position of C p87; LW 3.8 Position of Hydrogen p89,LW 3.9 Oxidaton and reduction in electrolytes p95; PB]


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