Chap 4 Thermochemistry
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Chapter 4


[16 periods]

bulletLearn the definitions of exothermic and endothermic reactions and their energy level diagrams[p145 TB].


bulletStudy the observations of [LW 4.1 p101, PB]. The terms heat of reation and enthalpy of reaction have the same meaning and represented by ∆H.


bulletHeat of reaction involves one mole of  reactant or products depending on the definition whereas the phrase heat given out refers to Q = mcθ.


bulletThe definitions Heat of Precipitation [p149,TB],

      Heat of Displacement[p154,TB],

      Heat of Neutralization[p159,TB],

      Heat of Combustion[p165 TB] must be memorized. Experiments [LW,4.2        p104.LW4.3 p106, LW 4.4 p108, LW 4.5 p109, Exp 4.1 p112 ;PB] refer to the         above enthalpy changes.


bulletThere are only two important formulae Q = mcθ and ∆H =


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