Chap 2 The Struc of the Atom
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Chapter 2

The Structure of the Atom

[12 periods]


bulletThe chapter begins with description of the particulate nature of matter [p11,12 TB]. Students have learned in form 3 that matter exists in three states, solid, liquid and gas[p13 TB].


bulletExperiments on diffusion  [Act 2.1,2.2,2.3 p7-9,PB], determination of  melting point /freezing point of solids [Act 2.4, p9, PB] are evidence of the states of matter and movement of particles.


bulletSpecial emphasis should be given to explanation  on the changes of state [p15, TB] and the experimental results of [Act 2.4.p9.PB].


bulletPay attention to the names of the scientist and their discoveries of the atom[p16,17 TB]. The names of subatomic particles and definitions [p17,18 TB] must be memorized. Accurate representation of the atom[pg19,TB] and the proper way to name the isotopes are important [p20,21 TB] and their uses.


bulletElectron arrangement and its diagrammatic representation is important.


bulletPay special attention to valence electrons [p22, TB] .


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