Chap 3 Chem For. and Eqn
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Chapter 3

Chemical Formulae and Equations

[20 periods]


bulletThis is the most important chapter in the SPM syllabus. Failure to understand this chapter well will result in difficulties to solve calculation type problems which will appear in all other chapters.


bulletLearn the definition of relative atomic mass, relative molecular mass [p28,29 TB].


bulletHave a clear understanding of  the concept, mol.


bulletStudy the relationship between mol and the number of particles [p31 TB], mol and mass [p33 TB], mol and volume [p37 TB].


bulletPay special attention to the terms molar mass[p33 TB] and molar volume [p37 TB] since these quantities are used in formulae m = n x M, V = n x Vm , N = n X NA.


bulletGive yourself plenty of time to understand chemical formulae, empirical formulae and balancing chemical equation.


bulletLearn the chemical formulae of substances when you come across them.


bulletThe formulae of cations and anions on [p45 table 3.4 TB] must be memorized.


bulletPhotostat a reduced copy of the table and have it with you at all times so that you can constantly refer to it.


bulletBalancing chemical equations can be easy or difficult just like sudoku [p49-51].


bulletHowever a correctly balanced equation will be necessary to get correct answers to numerical problems.


bullet[Act 3.4,3.5, p23-26 PB] , determination of the empirical formula are important.


bulletPay special attention to procedure especially step no. 11 for both [Act] and step no. 5 of  Act 3.5.
bulletThis chapter is accompanied by links to video clips on calculations.


If you have any problems, email to the address below. State your name and class so that your chemistry teacher can guide you to solve your problem.