Chap 4 Periodic Table
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Chapter 4

Periodic Table of  Elements

[12 periods]




bulletFor the historical development of the Periodic Table, pay special attention to the words classify, groups, periodic patterns ,similar chemical properties and the names of the scientist who contributed to the development of the periodic table.[p59,60 TB].
bulletRefer to [p176,TB] for the periodic table and learn the arrangement of the elements into groups and periods[p60-61 TB]
bulletA good understanding of groups 18, 1 and 17 is important.


bulletPay attention to [p65 TB] as to why noble gases are inert, [p77 TB] why the reactivity of halogens  decreases when going down the group and [p68 TB] why the reactivity of group 1 elements increases down the group.


bulletAll chemical equations on [p67,p70 TB] have to be memorized.


bulletChemical and physical properties of elements  and its compounds across the period [p73,74 TB]  should not be confused with properties of elements and its compounds down a particular  group.


bulletTransition elements show properties which are different from transition compounds.[p76 TB].


bulletSpecial attention should be given to observations and inferences in [exp 4.1  pg 35-36,PB][exp4.2 p39-44,PB].


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