Chap 7 Acids and Bases
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Chapter 7

Acids and Bases

[16 periods]


bulletWater plays an important role for acid and bases to show their properties [p117,p118 TB].


bulletAcids and bases are classified as strong and weak depending on their degree of ionization[ p122,TB].


bulletCalculation for concentration of solutions using formula  g dm-3 and  mol dm-3 [p123,TB] must be understood.


bulletKeep in mind that volume V is in dm3.


bulletDilution of concentrated solution using formula M1V1 = M2V2, [p127 TB][p97,PB] must not be confused with the titration formula  where a and b are the coefficients of the acid and base in the neutralization equation.


bulletRefer to [Act 7.8, p96, PB]  for the preparation of standard solution and [Act 7.11 pg103,PB] for titration.


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