Chap 8 Salts
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Chapter 8


[20 periods]


bulletThere are three different methods for the preparation of salts
bulletexcess solid in acid [Act 8.3,8.4,8.5 p115-p117,PB]
bullettitration method [Act 8.2 p113, PB]
bulletprecipitation method [Act 8.7,p118]
bulletThe procedures must be memorized


bulletCations and Anions of an unknown salt must be qualitatively analysed. Keep in mind that there are specific procedures for analyzing cations and anions separately.[Act 8.10 -8.14 p112-p137 PB]


bulletNumerial problems on the construction of ionic equation[Act8.8 p121 PB], applying formulae on  masses, volumes and concentration will be applied to balanced chemical reactions.


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